CY8ER “Kakushemu” Cover Released

CY8ER Fujishiro Naatan Yammy

CY8ER have released the cover for their upcoming single titled Kakushemu.

Out June 28th, the single will be released in one edition.

CY8ER is a fairly colorful group, and with a new lineup comes the need for a new single. Not surprisingly this release is packed full of the Yume Kawaii world we know and love alongside some cool personal touches.

In fact, it’s this colorful look that becomes the main point of this release since each panel is packed full of designs that match each member’s color. It’s a nice detail and one that shows off each member no matter how you hold the CD.

Each member also has a cute animal next to them alongside a symbol, with Mashilo having a rabbit and bows, Rinahamu with the pandas and strawberries, etc. It’s a cool touch since each member has a colorful representation of them in an adorable way.

Make sure to stay tuned since an MV is sure to come our way in the coming weeks!

CY8ER Kakushemu Cover



  1. Kakushemu
  2. Kakushemu (Instrumental)