UP UP GIRLS Announce Pro-Wrestling Audition


UP UP GIRLS have announced a new audition called UP UP GIRLS kakko “PRO-WRESTLING”.

UP UP GIRLS are looking for women who will represent them as a pro wrestler member. The DDT (Dramatic Dream Team who is in charge of wrestling promotions) is rumored to be creating a promotion of their own for this audition.

The audition calls for women aged junior high to 23, with a deadline set for June 18th.

This is a somewhat surprising audition, since not many idol groups end up featuring wrestling members (apart from DEADLIFT LOLITA). But, the UP UP GIRLS are known for featuring a variety of wrestlers in their MVs so it seems like a great opportunity to deepen that relationship with the DDT.

With Sengoku Minami and Satou Ayano on their way out and a group of girls in the back during MVs in the form of UP UP GIRLS (2), this seems like a great way to add an interesting twist to the already unique group.

Will they focus more on wrestling or performing? Will they be featured in MVs behind the UP UP GIRLS (2)? Time will tell, but for now it’s an interesting idea that is sure to set the UP UP GIRLS apart.

UP UP GIRLS Audition Details