Yamamoto Sayaka Announces Her Graduation From NMB48

yamamoto sayaka nmb48

NMB48 member Yamamoto Sayaka has announced that she will be graduating from the group.

This was announced by Sayaka during the first performance of NMB48’s summer tour. There she mentioned that during the past few years, other members of the group have been unable to grow due to her presence. By leaving, she hopes that a new generation of members will be able to take the group further.

Yamamoto Sayaka mentioned that she wants to focus on her solo career after her graduation. This is something that she already has worked on with 2 solo albums already out during her time with NMB48.

No graduation date has been announced at this time.

Yamamoto was part of the 1st generation of NMB48 back in 2010, and as such has grown to a role where she basically represents the entire group. However, there comes a time when a member has to leave in order for others to shine and it seems like that time has come.

Is this announcement sad? Of course! Sayaka is by far one of the most recognizable idols in the industry, with her talent and charm winning the hearts of many. But, by stepping aside she gives others the opportunity to carry on the legacy of NMB48 which is something that is needed.

Sayaka, thank you for your many years as part of NBM48. Best of luck in your solo career!


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