Fukumura Mizuki 4th PB Announced, Titled Hatachi

Fukumura Mizuki Morning Musume '17

Morning Musume ’17 member Fukumura Mizuki has announced the release of her 4th PB titled Hatachi.

Out July 15th, the PB will including a Making Of DVD.

According to the description, the PB will be a collection of photos from UTB that were taken from summer 2016 through spring 2017. This PB will feature scenes throughout those 4 seasons and will also feature unpublished photos.

Being a big fan of Mizuki (and Oda Sakura) I can already say that I’m excited to find out more about this PB. Sure, it might be more of a collection of photos but any excuse to have a book packed with photos with Mizuki is a good release.

No covers or other previews are out but those should be coming out soon so make sure to stay tuned!

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