Funaki Musubu 1st PB Covers Released

Funaki Musubu Photo Book Cover Regular

Country Girls and ANGERME member Funaki Musubu has released the covers for her 1st photo book titled MUSUBU.

Out August 7th, the PB will have a regular cover and an Amazon exclusive cover.

The covers are fairly basic with the regular version featuring a close up of Musubu as she looks at the camera. It’s simple but it gets the job done well since it shows her off without having to use any flashy outfits or editing.

The Amazon cover is the best of the two since it shows her wearing a cute straw hat and smiling. Again, it’s simple but we get to enjoy some scenery in the background to give us a fairly colorful cover.

Both are pretty solid and are great options for those who are looking to get a copy so make sure to grab your own below!

Funaki Musubu Photo Book Cover Regular


Funaki Musubu Photo Book Cover Amazon
Amazon Exclusive