Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin Diagnosed With Functional Dysphonia

Miyamoto Karin Juice=Juice

Juice=Juice member Miyamoto Karin has been diagnosed with functional dysphonia.

Functional dysphonia is a condition that involves the loss of the voice without any clear cause. This means that she is currently unable to sing as a result.

In a blog post she revealed that she is focusing her energy on getting better and is under treatment. Her doctors have commented that she will have to avoid any vigorous movements and that rushing will not help her get better faster.

As a result of her diagnosis, she will be taking a break from activities that require her to use her voice. She will however make updates on the Juice=Juice blog in order to keep fans updated.

While she might be unable to sing for now, Karin is optimistic about the situation and is hopeful to get back on stage as soon as she’s better. Thankfully, it seems like treatment is already underway and it’s only a matter of time before she joins Juice=Juice once more.

Get better soon Karin!

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