notall “#Hashtag wa Tsukerarenai” MV Released

notall cd uruno yamemashita hashtag wa tsukerarenai

notall have released the MV for their song titled #Hashtag wa Tsukerarenai.

Out July 23rd, the song is part of their free-ish single titled CD Uruno, Yamemashita.

The single was initially revealed at Japan Expo 2017 and was shortly followed by a giveaway of their CD at events. They will be giving away the single at mobile phone shops and restaurants starting August 1st.

It’s a clever way of getting recognition (similar to BiSH and their “Release single for 500 Yen to get on the charts” method) and it does seem like the single is on digital platforms as well. However, it’s being listed for $0.69 on iTunes (150 Yen in Japan) which doesn’t seem like free to me.

This most likely means that the CD itself is free if you get it at an event, but if you get the song on digital platforms you will have to pay. However, fans who are willing to pay the shipping fee and live in Japan can get the CD delivered to them without having to go to an event.

As for the MV, it features appearances by 16 other idols as they point to hashtag shaped objects which is a nice touch for those who follow multiple groups. Apart from the shots featuring the random idols, there’s also a rooftop dance shot which is well done although a bit on the simple side.

The song is fairly catchy and has an upbeat sound, which doesn’t match with the shirt that Katase Narumi was wearing (how depressing). It’s a solid song though and one that is the perfect way to be introduced to this interesting group.

Check out the MV and get a copy of this free-ish single!

#Hashtag wa Tsukerarenai

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