· · · · · · · Announces Debut Single That’s Over 70 Minutes Long

Dots ・・・・・・・・・ Idol

· · · · · · · have announced the release of their debut single titled Tokyo.

Out August 16th, the single will be 72 minutes long and released by TRASH-UP!! Records.

· · · · · · · are also known by fans as Dots, Tenkyuu, Tententen, Ten-chan, and other names.

The debut single is made up of 3 different songs that were joined by Hakobune, an ambient musician. While the songs are expected to be the highlight, most of the song (50 minutes) will consist of noise music using sounds from the members during their performances. There will be minimal processing although it’s expected that the song will have some of their shoegaze / noise rock style.

Their concept is a mystery, with fans only knowing that they are based off of various cities in Tokyo. It’s so secretive that no information about the members is known either, with them being simply referred to as “·”.  However, the announcement of a debut single is welcome news for fans who have been following them since their debut on the indie idol scene a year ago on September 2016.

For those who are curious about their music, check out a live performance below:

We look forward to finding out more about this interesting release!

Dots Tokyo Cover


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