Kinoshita Momoka Announces Her Graduation

NMB48 Kinoshita Momoka

NMB48 Team M member Kinoshita Momoka has announced her graduation from the group.

She made the announcement at NMB48 Theater where she mentioned how there’s nothing she can do as an idol now.

She did not mention her graduation date or what she plans to do once she graduates. However, she will be taking part in the group’s upcoming Asia tour.

Kinoshita Momoka is known for being non-traditional, often wearing short haircuts with colored hair. She joined NMB48 in October 2010 as a Kenkyuusei and was later promoted to Team M on January 2012.

In a world of fairly common idols with similar personalities, Momoka was a breathe of fresh air due to her unique appearance, Yuri character, and uniquely awesome behavior. Thankfully, fans got to see her as a center for the NMB48’s Priority where she got a fairly unique MV and song.

While it’s unknown if she plans on following her dreams as a NEET (a dream we all have), all we can do is hope that she will pursue some kind of musical activity in the future since she is fairly talented.

Best of luck Kinoshita Momoka!

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