Candye♡Syrup “Candye♡Syrup” MV Released

Candye Syrup

Candye♡Syrup have released the MV for their debut song titled Candye♡Syrup.

The MV is a bit on the simple side, but the colorful setting combined with the visual effects make for an amazing release. In a world where hardcore idol MVs are always dark it’s nice to see one group who goes for an explosion of color and sweetness.

The song itself is packed full of guitars, adorable vocals, and Non’s amazing screaming lines to make for an amazing orchestra of sweet chaos. The contrast between the two might be a bit too much for some, but it’s a nice take on the traditional idol formula.

According to the video description, the group was made to destroy the boundary between kids and idol otaku by mixing brutal music with a cute fairy world, which describes this song perfectly. Sure, it won’t be everyone’s style but it’s a solid debut for a group with an interesting concept.

Hopefully we get a full release of the song in some way, but for now check out the MV below!



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