Sengoku Minami 1st PB Announced

Sengoku Minami 1st PB

UP UP GIRLS member Sengoku Minami has announced the release of her 1st currently untitled PB.

Out September 15th, the PB will be released through Wani Books.

When many fans think of UP UP GIRLS, the first member they think of is Sengoku Minami and it’s easy to see why. She’s fairly popular and has appeared in several magazines for gravure work, often alongside other idols like Kikkawa You.

Surprisingly, she hasn’t gotten her own solo release until now, and thankfully we’re getting one before she graduates. While we don’t have much info at the moment we do have a preview picture of her in a yellow bikini which is simply amazing.

We’re glad to see that she is finally getting a proper sendoff with a release that fans will be able to enjoy and remember her by when she graduates. For now there’s no info apart from the typical mention of swimsuits (no seifuku surprisingly), but we look forward to finding out more about this interesting release!


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