=LOVE Announce Debut Single

Equal Love

=LOVE (Equal Love), Sashihara Rino’s voice actress idol group, have announced the release of their self-titled debut single titled =LOVE.

Out September 6th, the single will be released in 3 editions.

=LOVE have been an interesting group to follow since they just barely formed back in April. Fast forward a few months to Tokyo Idol Festival where they surprised fans by announcing their debut single.

Unfortunately we don’t seem to have a track list but the covers alone are promising since they show off the members posing on the beach. Each picture has them posing in front of a giant neon sign in daylight, dusk, and night, giving it a unique look.

It’s unknown if the members stood on the beach the entire day or if they took breaks to make sure no one took the sign. What we do know is that this single is sure to be an amazing one to watch out for, so make sure to grab your copy below!

Equal Love Cover Type A
Type A




Equal Love Cover Type B
Type B




Equal Love Cover Type C
Type C






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