Yumemiru Adolescence Announce Auditions

Yumemiru Adolescence La la la la Life

Yumemiru Adolescence have announced that they will be accepting new member applications soon.

The announcement was done at their anniversary performance on August 13th, 5 years after their formation. No further details are known about the audition, but details will be revealed later.

Apart from the member auditions, they also announced the start of their fan club called Zoo. There was also a mention of a new, untitled single that will be out by November.

With the graduation of Yamada Akari back in late March, it seems like Yumemiru Adolescence are looking to expand their lineup with some new talent.

This is exciting news that helped make their 5 year anniversary memorable since it opens up the doors for more talented additions. We’ll update as soon as more details are revealed but for now it seems like YumeAdo are planning an eventful future!

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