Shuukan Idol – Gold and Black Edition

dorothy little happy
Dorothy Little Happy’s 5-nin reunion

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a handful of MV releases from LovendoЯ, Nemoto Nagi, Happiness, and Aparre! Harajuku. We also get several new releases for groups like Nogizaka46, BILLIE IDLE, and Babyraids Japan and a handful of new additions and graduations. That and more in our 7 highlights of the week!


> NGT48’s Kitahara Rie is graduating from the group

Being in an AKB48 group for 10 years is no small feat, and unfortunately it seems like it’s become a common milestone that means a member is ready to leave the group. The latest member to do so is Kitahara Rie who has decided to leave in order to give younger members a chance to shine. Full details about her future plans are available above, best of luck Rie!

> LovendoЯ get colorful in the fun MV for Buppanase! Baby, I Love Ya!

What do you get when you combine Tanaka Reina in some extremely tall shoes, an upbeat song, and some video editing software? A fun MV of course, and LovendoЯ’s latest release packs in some interesting visual effects that are sure to delight fans of this trio.

> Nemoto Nagi does random stuff in one room for her rap filled Out Loud MV

Nemoto Nagi was part of an idol + rap album that came out earlier this year. It has been a long time but it seems like we are finally worthy of watching her MV and it’s definitely a solid one. Featuring Nagi as she chills in a room, we get to see her walk around, eat stuff, and rap to a camera. The steady beat is catchy, and it’s honestly the best way to relax after a long day.

> Project aW, avex and Wack’s idol project, are now EMPiRE

Remember the idol unit that avex and Wack were working on that had a name similar to an American root beer brand? New details have been released for them and it seems like they are finally about to debut … once they get 10,000 likes for all of their social accounts of course. Details on where to follow them and their interesting profile picture are available above.

> Happiness go black and gold in the MV for GOLD

Happiness are back and with them they have a solid track and a gold and black theme to match. It’s catchy, it’s solid, and well worth a look for those who need some more gold colored idol releases in their life. It’s Happiness, of course it’s going to be good, check it out above!

> Nogizaka46 are releasing their 19th single with a movie tie in

Details are scarce, but a new Nogizaka46 single is in the pipeline for release in a few months. To help promote it several members of the group are part of an interesting looking movie that is absolutely worth a look. Are you ready for more Nogizaka46 goodness this October?

> Babyraids JAPAN get classy for their 5th debut anniversary mini album

Gold and black is apparently all the rage nowadays (see Happiness above), with Babyraids JAPAN’s latest release featuring an eye catching theme to celebrate their 5th anniversary since their debut. Check out full details for their mini album above!

Notable mentions:


This week we have ONEPIXCEL and their latest track titled monochrome. Out October 18th, the track is part of their 1st full album titled monochrome.

For the most part they are a relatively small group, but their latest track has managed to add in some nice visual effects. It’s packed from the start with dreamy shots featuring the members as they sit and sing from a couch, a bed, and the most comfortable seat there is: a table.

The song is the highlight, with a mellow beat that is sure to please those who are fans of more laid back releases. In fact, the scenes match the song incredibly well and help give the MV a nice theme. Make sure to check it out below since it’s an impressive release from this trio!


Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like they’re releasing much physically, with most of their releases being iTunes or Apple Music exclusive. But, make sure to check out their iTunes releases below and help show your support:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!