Project AW Is Now EMPiRE

EMPiRE project aw

Project aW, a new idol project made in collaboration by avex and Wack, has revealed their new profile picture and unit name EMPiRE.

The project was announced at a WACK event back in April where two members were chosen for a new unidentified project alongside avex.

New details have been released, including the names of the members and a profile picture. The members are YUKA EMPiRE, YUiNA EMPiRE, YU-Ki EMPiRE, MAYU EMPiRE, and MiDORiKO EMPiRE.

Thankfully the outfits are only temporary (they look … interesting) and once the members get 10,000 followers their true identities will be revealed, similar to how Ayuni. D was revealed to BiSH fans once she got that amount on Twitter.

As you might remember, we already know the identities of two of the members:

Project aW Members Gamiya Saki Momoko Gumi inc.

Unfortunately the closest guess I have for these two are that they’re in the back row of the group picture so we’ll have to wait until they get their 10,000 followers to find out who they are exactly and what their new names are.

It is unknown if they need 10,000 followers for their main account or 10,000 each, but most of the accounts are already halfway there so it seems like we’ll find out soon.

For now, make sure to follow their accounts by visiting their site below!

Note: The EMPiRE website has strong visual effects