Beboga! Are Going Major With Nippon Columbia


Beboga! have announced that they will have a major label debut on Nippon Colombia.

Out Aprill 11th, their major debut single is currently untitled.

Beboga! (Niji no Conquistador’s Yellow Team) have also announced that they will be changing their group name to Beboga!. This change is sure to be hard for many, but it’s something that just had to be done in order to set them apart from Nijicon.

No other details are known about the single, but it’s certainly a great time for Beboga! who have been quite active recently. Apart from having just released a best-of album they now also have some great promotion with Perorin being a concurrent member in Dempagumi inc.

For now all we can do is stay tuned for more details about this major debut single and continue cheering them on. Congratulations Beboga!

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