EMPiRE Kind Of Releases Debut Song

empire idol group

EMPiRE has somewhat released their debut song titled EMPiRE IS COMING.

The song is currently available for free to download and stream. However, there’s a catch: the song is sung by anti-idol overlord Watanabe:

Watanabe is no stranger to showing off his heavenly voice, having released a song alongside Pour Lui titled BEST FRiEND just a few weeks ago. Thankfully, now we get to hear what EMPiRE would sound like if Watanabe somehow cloned himself 5 times, which I’m sure is something we all wanted.

In it we get to hear a song with a strong electronic sound that’s different to other WACK groups. Most of those songs tend to have a strong punk sound with traditional instruments, but this one edges more into the avex territory where guitars and drums have been replaced with the beeps and boops of electronics.

While we look forward to Watanabe’s debut as an idol we’ll have to settle for EMPiRE who should be releasing the real version of the song soon. Stay tuned!