NEVE SLIDE DOWN Are Disbanding

neve slide down

NEVE SLIDE DOWN have announced their disbandment.

Unfortunately not much info is given about the actual reasons as to why the group is disbanding. Instead we get the generic “Thank you for supporting us, we’re breaking up, kbye” message. Member comments are also fairly generic, mentioning how they will do their best until the end (they’re linked at the end of this post).

Their final tour is appropriately called FIRST AND LAST and will end on February 12, 2018 where they will disband.

This is sad news for fans of the group since they had a ton of potential, blending EDM and heavy music together into a catchy sound. In fact, they had just barely released their 2nd single Leaving, having only formed back in September 2016 as a sister group to PassCode.

Hopefully we get to see the members join other groups in some way. For now we encourage fans to check out their performances before their disbandment!


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