Sugaya Risako (Former Berryz Koubou) is Pregnant and Married

berryz koubou sugaya risako pregnant

Update: Added a translation of the announcement where it’s clear that she is now married

Former Berryz Koubou member Sugaya Risako has announced that she is 5 months pregnant and has married as a result.

According to the announcement, her soon-to-be-husband is a man in his 20s who was introduced to her through a mutual friend in early 2017. They’ve been living together since the start of the year.

She is still under Up-Front so she will be taking maternity leave to dedicate herself to being a mom. She is expected to give birth in spring 2018.

This came out of nowhere.

Sugaya Risako was among the least active members, mainly staying out from the public eye apart from the occasional modeling job so this announcement makes some kind of sense. Not surprisingly she is now the first Berryz Koubou member to announce a formal relationship/pregnancy.

Congratulations Risako!

Announcement from Up-Front (Translation credit: Blog-project)

Thank you very much for always supporting Sugaya Risako.
This announcement may be unexpected, but Sugaya Risako has gotten married to a man who is not a public figure.
And they have been blessed with a new life, and expect that their family will grow come spring next year.

We apologise for this sudden announcement.
With regards to her future activities, she will be taking a break for a while
And further decisions will be made once she has settled down from giving birth and nursing her child.

We apologise for the break in activities to all the fans who have been supporting her day in and day out,
And we apologise for the concern and trouble caused to everyone she is working with.
We humbly ask for your kindness in the future as well.

Jisin | Up-Front Promotion