BILLIE IDLE Slap Their Way Into Our Hearts In The MV For “Sayonara Romantic”

billie idle last album

BILLIE IDLE slap their way into our hearts in their 80s styled MV for Sayonara Romantic.

Out November 22nd, the track is part of their new album titled LAST ALBUM.

While we wait to see if Watanabe’s name for this album is just a cruel joke, we can at least enjoy some more music from them. This time we get an 80s styled song with a slow beat as well as scenes of the members dancing in front of a solid color. Rather simple, which is BILLIE IDLE’s style so no big complaints.

However, the true star of this MV is not the music or the outfits, it’s the choreography. From start to finish we get to see the members hit each other in the bottom, which just so entertaining because of how they do it. Make sure to keep your bottom covered and check out this MV!

Sayonara Romantic

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