Shuukan Idol – Warota Version

suzuki devil anthem

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a rather chill week with several MVs from NMB48, Tsubaki Factory, BiSH, and more.

There is also one unfortunate disbandment announcement from an idol group, all that and more in our 8 highlights of the week!


> NMB48 ride a horse in Fuutsuu no Mizu, march in circles for Hontou no Jibun no Kyoukaisen, and perform on stage for Warota People

NMB48 have begun to release MVs for their latest single and it’s a treat! From weird stage performances to a circle march, and even a horse, there’s something to see in all three MVs that are linked above.

> Tsubaki Factory sing about winter heartbreak in the smartphone MV for Teion Yakedo

Smartphone MVs are becoming a big thing within Hello! Project and as evidence we have the latest release from Tsubaki Factory. It’s actually one of the best ballads that they have released (in my opinion), and one that you should not miss out on!

> BiSH smack around a guy in SMACK baby SMACK

With a song titled SMACK baby SMACK, it’s not surprising to see that there would be some smacking in the MV. This time we get a rather dark MV where the members of BiSH beat up a tied guy. It’s perfectly BiSH.

> PALET are disbanding

It’s always sad to see an idol group disband and unfortunately it seems like PALET are next to go. I didn’t get to hear much of their music but there are countless fans who followed them throughout their 5 years who are sure to be saddened by the news. Best of luck PALET!

> Beboga! get animated for their B.U.S.U -Busu- MV

Niji no Conqusitador are known for being creative and thankfully their sister group Beboga! are flexing their creative muscles with their latest MV. This time we get to see them sing a song as a manga plays out. Is it the best MV ever? Probably not, but it is a solid one that fans should check out.

> Kaqriyo Terror Architect face the supernatural in Yubikiri Genman

What do you get when a bunch of alternative idols combine? You get an MV with Kaqriyo Terror Architect and members from Tsurezure and Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. It’s a fairly catchy one too, which should please those who like their idol music a bit heavier.

> Up Up Girls sing among colors for Be a Girl

Do you like simplicity? You’re in luck since Up Up Girls released an incredibly simple MV that has only a handful of shots. The song is pretty chill too, making it the perfect song to enjoy when you need to relax.

> ANGERME break free from their phones for Manner Mode

Phones are a big thing nowadays, and ANGERME are using them heavily with their latest MV. In fact the entire MV has a phone in each shot, making for an interesting video that is sure to please Apple fans and ANGERME fans alike.


This week we have MAGICAL PUNCHLINE and their MV for Watashi ga Watashi o Moyasu Riyuu. Out December 20th, the track is part of their 2nd single titled DEUS EX MACHINA.

I’ve been meaning to cover this release for some time (life got in the way), but now that I finally get to do it I’d like to sum the song up in one word: Wow.

The song is a ballad so it might not be up everyone’s alley, but the way that they combine the piano with the lyrics helps give it an incredible sound. Add in a few scenes of them running after a cloaked figure in slow motion and you have a fairly epic release for fans to enjoy.

The MV takes some time to get to the music since there’s some story, so jump to 1:33 if you want to only enjoy the music. Make sure to enjoy this enchanting song below!

Watashi ga Watashi o Moyasu Riyuu

Make sure to stay away from evil magic by clicking the MV below:


That’s it for this week, make sure to stay tuned for the next one!