Kobushi Factory’s Taguchi Natsumi Is No Longer With The Group

kobushi factory taguchi natsumi

Kobushi Factory member Taguchi Natsumi has had her contract cancelled and is no longer a member of the group or of Hello! Project.

The announcement comes from Up-Front who mention that the contract between Taguchi Natsumi and Hello! Project has been terminated as a result of her unruly behavior. They mention how they tried to remedy her behavior by having talks with her and her parents in the past few months. However, she has shown a lack of self-consciousness and responsibility.

Hirose Ayaka, leader of Kobushi Factory, commented on the situation and mentioned how she feels sorry for having Natsumi leave the group in this way.  She goes on to say that this is a new start for Kobushi Factory and that they intend to go forward with all of their might.

Kobushi Factory fans have been through a lot, with Fujii Rio having her contract terminated in July after announcing her graduation and Ogawa Rena leaving because of her anxiety. With Taguchi Natsumi leaving this is now the 3rd departure this year, with only 5 members left.

It will be interesting to see where the group goes from here on out, but we wish the best to Taguchi Natsumi, wherever she is.