Ogawa Rena Leaves Kobushi Factory, Entertainment Industry

kobushi factory ogawa rena

Kobushi Factory member Ogawa Rena has announced that she has left the group and will no longer be part of the entertainment industry.

Ogawa Rena went into hiatus back in July as a result of anxiety neurosis, which caused her to have extreme feelings of anxiety. Unfortunately, her condition didn’t improve after treatment and after consulting with her doctor she has decided to leave the group and the entertainment industry.

In a statement, Ogawa mentions that she will try her best to find a new dream as a result of her condition.

This is unfortunate news for Kobushi Factory who are down to 6 members (with Fujii Rio leaving as a result of her breaking her contract). However, Ogawa’s health and well being are more important so it’s understandable that she decided to leave.

Best of luck Ogawa Rena!

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