BAND-MAID Are Taking Over The World With Their 2nd Album

BAND-MAID Daydreaming Choose me

BAND-MAID are taking over the world with the announcement of their 2nd album titled WORLD DOMINATION.

Out February 14th, the album will be released in Regular, Limited A, and Limited B.

The album will contain 14 songs including their latest singles DaydreamingChoose me. There will also be a track that they performed for a MUCC tribute album (released on November 22nd) titled Honey included in the Regular version of the album.

As for Blu-ray/DVD content, those who enjoy seeing videos are in for a treat since there will be a November concert performance included in the Limited versions of the album. Limited A will contain the Blu-ray and Limited B will contain the DVD of the same live.

Apart from announcing a new album we’re also getting a new logo for them:

band-maid new logo 2018

The inspiration behind this logo is not two Pikachu tails. It’s in fact a combination of their maid ribbon with a symbol of “hard rock” to symbolize their future and their dedication to that genre.

Make sure to grab your copy and get ready to have your world dominated by BAND-MAID!

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