Niji no Conquistador’s Suyama Emiri Is Graduating, Will Become A Voice Actress

Niji no Conquistador Suyama Emiri

Niji no Conquistador member Suyama Emiri will be graduating from the group to be a voice actress.

According to the announcement, the decision for Suyama to graduate came after extensive talks with her. She will instead focus her solo activities on becoming a voice actress. She will be making regular appearances on the anime BEATLESS which will be airing this January 12th.

Her last appearance with the group will be on January 7, 2018 at Niji no Conquistador’s 2018 NEW YEAR RE [re1273/start1274].

Suyama has been on hiatus since May 1st due to an unknown condition, and unfortunately it seems like she will no longer be returning to the group. This decision is somewhat expected since we haven’t heard from her at all for at least 6 months.

We are unsure of what medical condition she has that required such a long break but it seems like this decision comes after careful consideration of her health. Hopefully with her new career as a voice actress she will be able to continue to entertain fans for many years to come.

Best of luck Suyama Emiri!

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