Niji no Conquistador’s Suyama Emiri Goes On Hiatus

Niji no Conquistador Suyama Emiri

Niji no Conquistador member Suyama Emiri has announced that she will be going on hiatus.

According to the announcement, Emiri will be taking a break from group activities as a result of a condition she has that requires long-term medical care. She mentions how she wishes to stand on stage again with everyone and apologizes to fans and staff for the worry she has caused.

She mentions how there will be substitute members who will be filling in for her on the Niji no Conquistador radio show.

Suyama Emiri has been notably absent from all social media and live events for the past few months, with only few and short posts being done from time to time. In fact, it did cause concern among many fans since she was nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, it seems like she plans on returning to the group once she recovers. No details were released regarding the estimated time but as long as she is able to fully recover I’m sure many will be willing to wait.

We wish Suyama Emiri a speedy recovery!

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