Morning Musume ’17 Sing Along In “Gosenfu no Tasuki”

morning musume 17

Morning Musume ’17 sing along in the MV for their digital single titled Gosenfu no Tasuki.

Out since November 30th, the single was released digitally only.

This is the last MV to feature Kudo Haruka, who graduated yesterday from Morning Musume ’17.

Morning Musume’s 20th anniversary was a special occasion for several Hello! Project fans. Not surprisingly they decided to release a song to celebrate a while back and an MV has finally been put out for everyone to enjoy.

Taking place in our favorite idol setting: white void, we get to see the members sing as the camera pans to the right. Each shot matches perfectly with the others, making it seem like a single shot was used which is pretty eye catching. This matches perfectly with the ballad sound of the song, making it a solid way of celebrating their 20th anniversary.

If you haven’t bought your copy I highly recommend you do so since it’s a single that is a must have for Morning Musume fans!

Gosenfu no Tasuki
Morning Musume ’17

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  1. Gosenfu no Tasuki
  2. Gosenfu no Tasuki (Instrumental)

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