Yandoll Will Get A Major Debut


Yandoll have announced that they will debut under Universal Music this summer.

Along with this comes the news that Haruna Nanaha, Kisaragi Kira, and Takanashi Mayuu will be leaving the group on February 12th.

New members will be recruited as a result, with the announcement mentioning that any woman can apply, regardless of their nationality, age, or even if they are married or not. This falls in line with the group’s theme of admitting any member as long as they are “suffering”.

Yandoll are a rather interesting group, with them using a similar “yami kawaii” theme as other idol groups such as Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da. So the fact that they are getting picked up by a major label is a great sign that the alternative idol scene is growing in Japan.

How will the new single sound? What kind of interesting new members will we get when the audition is over? Time will tell, so make sure to stay tuned!

Check out Yandoll’s releases on CDJapan below


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