uijin Share Some Pretty Epic Music In Their Live MV For “door”


uijin share some pretty epic music in their live MV for door.

Live MVs are pretty simple to make: record the group performing live, add a few scenes of them laughing backstage, package it up in a nice video, and you’re done. But, once in a while we get to see an MV that has a bit more effort thrown into it.

Enter uijin with their MV for door.

This MV is rather impressive, showing off scenes in both regular speed and slow motion as the members sing along to a ballad. There are also scenes of them being interviewed and preparing for a live. It’s an extremely well done video and one that is sure to please those who want some more uijin in their lives.

It’s unknown if this song will be part of their next single or if this will eventually be released in an album. But, what we do know is that it’s a song that is sure to be liked by many. Check it out below!


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