An Era Is Over, Idol Renaissance Are Disbanding

idol renaissance

Idol Renaissance have announced that they will be disbanding.

According to the notice, the decision to disband came after talks about the future of the group. Not many other details were given as to why they were disbanding, with another post from staff being mainly about their history together as a group.

They will disband on February 24, 2018.

Idol Renaissance has been delighting fans with music since they formed back in May 2014, and unfortunately it seems like 3 years later that is coming to an end.

There is little information as to why they decided to go their separate ways, but there is a mention of the group not being able to “breakthrough”. This by itself is pretty sad since it essentially means that the group was not able to be profitable.

For now, I encourage those in the area to go to their final live to show your support. Best of luck Idol Renaissance members, thank you for everything!

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