Up Up Girls 2 Sing Outdoors In “Fuyu Tote Tote”

up up girls 2 doshaburi no terrace seki

Up Up Girls (2) sing outdoors in the MV for Fuyu Tote Tote.

Out January 1st, the track is part of their double a-side single alongside Doshaburi no Terrace Seki.

Up Up Girls 2 is back and with them they bring a new MV for their single released earlier this month. But, was it worth the wait?

Starting off we get to see a simple MV, with most of the scenes showing off the members as they walk around the city or sing while standing. We’re unsure if they spent most of their budget on the umbrellas from the last MV, but thankfully the simple scenes are well shot with vibrant colors. Add in a simple upbeat ballad and you have a fun MV to enjoy.

Will it be the single best idol song ever released? Not at all, but it’s a fun ballad to enjoy when you want to hear Up Up Girls 2 singing. But, see it for yourself below!

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Doshaburi no Terrace Seki
Up Up Girls (2)

up up girls 2 doshaburi no terrace seki cover



  1. Doshaburi no Terrace Seki
  2. Fuyutotetote
  3. Doshaburi no Terrace Seki (instrumental)
  4. Fuyutotetote (instrumental)