Yukueshirezu Tsurezure Add A New Member, Meiyuimei

yukueshirezu mei

Yukueshirezu Tsurezure have announced the addition of a new member called Meiyuimei.

Her first single will be Yukueshirezu’s Paradise Lost, which is scheduled for release on February 28th.

Not much info is known about Mei, with her Twitter account having just opened on January 31st. But, two details that we do know is that she is an adorable 148 cm tall and that she performed with the group for the first time on February 3rd.

What will her singing sound like? Why did no one catch that typo in the cover? We’ll have to wait and see to figure out the answers to those questions once the single comes out at the end of the month. Welcome Mei!

yukueshirezu tsurezure paradise lost



  1. Paradise Lost
  2. Minimal Rondo
  3. Exodus

Natalie.mu | Twitter


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