BiSH Promote The Refreshing Taste Of Kirin Lemon In “Toumeina Mama de Yuke”

bish toumeina mama yuke

BiSH promote the crisp and delicious taste of Kirin Lemon in the MV for Toumeina Mama de Yuke.

BiSH have been on a roll and as a big fan of the group I couldn’t be happier. With the recent release of their MV for HiDE the BLUE the next step that any group should take is releasing a promotion for a soft drink. Thankfully they have done just that with the release of an MV for Kirin Lemon, a soft drink that is sure to see a surge of sales from thirsty BiSH wota.

The only thing better than a cold bottle of Kirin Lemon is this MV, which features BiSH as they sing along to the upbeat rock ballad. Add in some scenes of them wearing blue dresses and a school where they perform at, and you have a good idea of what to expect.

Have they sold out? Not at all, it’s more of a cute release to keep fans calm until June when their new single comes out. Pick up a bottle of Kirin Lemon, or a La Croix or something lemony, while you enjoy the refreshing MV below!

Toumeina Mama de Yuke