HKT48 Get Strangely Artistic In The MV For “Aitakute Iya ni Naru”

hkt48 hayaokuri calendar

HKT48 get strangely artistic in the MV for their track titled Aitakute Iya ni Naru.

Out May 2nd, the track is part of their 11th single titled Hayaokuri Calendar.

What do you get when you combine HKT48 subgroup Yappari Mitarashi Dango and a group of creepy dancers covered in white sheets? A pretty surreal MV and one that’s sure to confuse and delight fans.

Yes, most of the MV shows off random scenes of the members standing around while these dancers perform around them. It’s random but for some reason, it fits in well with the slow beat of the song. Basically, the song is awesome but the visuals are confusingly even more awesome.

It’s a strange release but one that’s sure to please fans of HKT48 who want more of that sweet, sweet ballad in their lives. Check out the MV and pick up your single of choice below!

Aitakute Iya ni Naru
HKT48 (Yappari Mitarashi Dango)

hkt48 hayaokuri calendar cover type a
Type A


hkt48 hayaokuri calendar cover type b
Type B


hkt48 hayaokuri calendar cover type c
Type C


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