UP UP GIRLS (2) Prepare For An MV In The MV For “Hapeace LOVE♡”

up up girls 2 doshaburi no terrace seki

Up Up Girls (2) prepare for an MV in the MV for their 3rd single titled Hapeace LOVE♡.

Out May 1st, this single will be a double A-side release alongside the track  Tte Iu Hatsukoi no o Yakusoku.

Up Up Girls (2) are back with an all-new MV for fans to enjoy and this time we get to see them as they record an MV. Yes, we get to go “behind the scenes” as the members mess up the MV they’re in and have to make up for it by doing missions. It’s simple but adorable in the way that it shows off each member as they have fun along to the beat of the song.

Speaking off, that song might be a bit simple for some. However, it’s so upbeat and catchy that you’ll probably forget about that pretty quickly. The instrumental does just enough to get the vocals to shine through, making this an awesome release that fans are sure to adore.

Make sure to check out the MV for this release since this will be the last release before the 2 new members join in!

Check out the MV for Tte Iu Hatsukoi no wo Yakusoku here!

Hapeace LOVE♡
Up Up Girls (2)

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