Shuukan Idol – Ciao Bellas Edition

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In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get a handful of MVs from Up Up Girls (2), EMPiRE, Yurumerumo!, HKT48, ANGERME, and Happy Kuru Kuru. Add in a sad disbandment announcement and you have our 8 highlights of the week!


> Up Up Girls (2) prepare for an MV in the MV for Hapeace LOVE

Nothing says adorable like an MV where members work together to accomplish a goal. What’s that goal, you ask? Filming the MV. Yes, it’s a confusing theme to explain but the MV for Up Up Girls (2)’s latest release is an adorable video that’s worth a look. Watch it above and support Up Up Girls (2)!

> EMPiRE debut their new lineup in the MV for FOR EXAMPLE ?? [NEXT EDiTION]

EMPiRE is by far the best new group from WACK, and they’re revealing their new lineup in an epic way. This MV is packed to the brim with slow-motion scenes of flames, drumming, and dancing. All of this to welcome their 2 new members who’ll fill in the role of our adorable tiny former member YUiNA who is now with BiS. Words can’t describe this release, make sure to check it out above!

> Yurumerumo! play angels and devils in the MV for Okoranaide

Yurumerumo! are back with an MV that’s packed full of adorable scenes of the members dressed up as devils and angels. Add in scenes of the devils misbehaving and you have a seriously fun release that fans are sure to love.

> HTK48 play around in a warehouse for Boku no Omoi ga Itsuka Niji ni Naru Made

SakuHanaMiku doesn’t have the best budget for their MV. In fact, I’m pretty sure that the director just stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled out some spare Yen and some lint for the budget. But, thankfully they do the best with what they have to release a fun MV for fans to enjoy.

> HKT48 get strangely artistic in the MV for Aitakute Iya ni Naru

The fluffing orange scored a backflip.

Does that sentence above make sense? Well, get used to that confused feeling because that’s what you’re going to feel as you watch the MV for HKT48’s Aitakute Iya ni Naru. From dancers covered in white to idols who just stare off into space, it’s an artistic MV that has a solid ballad for fans to enjoy.

> ANGERME play with paintings in the MV for Uraha=Lover

Wada Ayaka definitely had a hand in the latest MV for ANGERME. Why? Because it’s packed full of paintings where members sing and come to life as the camera zooms in. It’s a pretty neat effect and a must see MV for ANGERME fans because of how amazing the song is.

> Happy Kuru Kuru explore Tokyo in Good Morning Tokyo

What do you get when you explore Tokyo to the beat of some Kawaii EDM? An awesome MV of course and one that’s packed full of adorable scenes. The song is a bit all over the place but it should do the trick for those who need some beats in their life.

> Ciao Bella Cinquetti will disband

The time has come. Ciao Bella Cinquetti have been together for a while so news that they were parting ways after so long came to no surprise for many. However, it’s still sad news. Full details about the decision to part are available above. Best of luck Ciao Bella members!


This week we have JyuJyu and their MV for 35 Seki.

In the latest MV for JyuJyu, we get to see the group as they bully a member until she commits suicide. Sound familiar? It’s a similar theme that DEEP GIRL used in one of their MVs from their extensive discography. In that MV, the combination of the spoken lines, the heavy instrumental, and the well-edited scenes made for a superb release.

Unfortunately, JyuJyu’s MV is not as well polished but it manages to stand on its own with a decent song and scenes with the members as they bully the member. Some might be turned off by this and that’s completely understandable, but those who decide to watch it are in for some cheesy B-horror goodness in the second half of the MV.

It’s still a pretty powerful release that helps show off a dark story in a decent way, despite being a bit too simple. Yes, it’s not as powerful as the spoken song from DEEP GIRL, but JyuJyu add in their touch to make this release a worthy watch for fans of the group.

35 Seki

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!