Ciao Bella Cinquetti Will Disband

Ciao Bella Cinquetti High Tension Wagga Jinsei

Ciao Bella Cinquetti has announced that they will disband.

According to their announcement, they met up after their performance on January 9th to discuss their future with staff.  After several talks, they’ve decided that they had accomplished everything they could as a group. They discussed putting the group on hiatus but decided to ultimately focus on solo activities instead.

Their disbandment date is set for August 2nd. There will be a final tour that will start on April 30th.

This decision to disband comes to no surprise for many. Ciao Bella Cinquetti has been together for 12 years, debuting as THE Possible back in 2006. After that much time, it’s natural to see the members want to accomplish different dreams on their own.

The fact that they mention that they wish to focus on solo activities is a reassuring thought for fans who will want to continue showing their support.

For now, I encourage those in the area to support them until their final performance. Best of luck Ciao Bella Cinquetti and thank you for everything!

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