Shuukan Idol – Bathtime Edition

nijicon bathroom magic

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we get to enjoy several MVs from Nijicon, Takoyaki Rainbow, ANGERME, QUEENS, BiSH, and GANG PARADE. Add in a random graduation from BiS and some new additions from UUG (2) and you have our 8 highlights of the week!

Before we kick off the highlights: I was on vacation for most of the week so this caused several delays in the news. I’m back though so expect everything to be more consistent!


> Niji no Conquistador take a relaxing bath in the playful MV for Bathroom Magic

What happens when you combine Nijicon with scenes of them taking a bath? A fun release with no fanservice in it. Yes, in a surprising twist we get to enjoy an upbeat sound and scenes of the members as they do hijinks such as taking a bath with dozens of rubber ducks. Grab your towel and check it out above!

> Takoyaki Rainbow get cool in the neon-packed MV for Niji Iro Shinkaron

What is cooler than having a warehouse packed with neon lights and a gang of masked dancers? Ask Takoyaki Rainbow who have released what is possibly one of their coolest MVs.

> UP UP GIRLS (2) add 2 new members 2 their lineup

UUG (2) are fairly new, but with a few singles under their belt, it seems like the perfect time to add new members. Meet the 2 new members in the post above!

> ANGERME play with squares in the impressive MV for Nakenaize … Kyoukan Sagi and turn off the lights in the MV for Kimi Dake Janai sa … friends

ANGERME have started releasing the MVs for their most recent single and boy, are they good. Are you in the mood for something slow? Check out the MV for Kimi Dake Janai sa … friends. Are you more in a party mood and want to bust out some moves? Check out Nakenaize … Kyoukan Sagi. Are you into idol music? Check them both out above!

> QUEENS rock the bus in the MV for ROCKSTEADY

New group alert! QUEENS is one of the newest additions to the idol scene and they’re debuting with a catchy rock song and a lot of “dancing in bus” scenes. It’s a solid debut for what’s sure to become a great addition to the idol scene.

> MOMOLAND withdraws from BiS

Well, this was unexpected. MOMOLAND has long been one of the most interesting additions to BiS since she has a quiet personality and adorable looks. Unfortunately, it seems like the antics of BiS are too energetic and she has decided to leave. Full details are available above, best of luck MOMOLAND!

> BiSH promote the refreshing taste of Kirin Lemon in Toumeina Mama de Yuke

BiSH are continuing their path to dominance by releasing an MV to promote the release of Kirin Lemon. Yes, they’re selling out, but it’s a surprisingly catchy song that fans are sure to adore. Crack open your lemon-flavored drink of choice and enjoy this release above!

> GANG PARADE perform in the darkness for GANG 2

GANG PARADE has changed a lot since Kamiya Saki left for BiS. Thankfully she’s back and this time we get to enjoy some impressive scenes as the members sing along to an epic song. If you’re a fan of holograms and slow epic songs definitely check out this MV!


This week we have Shihatsumachi Underground and their MV for Yoru no Owari ni. The track is part of their debut EP titled Frustration.

It’s hard to be unique nowadays in the idol world. Most groups tend to be overly upbeat, go full alternative, or release bland ballads. Thankfully some of the newer idol groups have started adding in some different sounds to stand out, with Shihatsumachi Underground being one of the latest to go the unique route.

Instead of a ballad, we get to hear a rather epic song with spoken lines. Add in a smooth modern rock-styled guitar and you have an MV that’s sure to please those who prefer to take life slowly. It’s artistic and full of substance, making it a highly recommendable release.

Unfortunately, their EP isn’t available overseas yet. I highly recommend you subscribe to their Youtube channel and like the video to show your support.

Yoru no Owari ni
Shihatsumachi Underground

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!