Niji no Conquistador Take A Relaxing Bath In The MV For “Bathroom Magic”

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Niji no Conquistador take a relaxing bath in the MV for Bathroom Magic.

Out April 29th, the single will be released in one edition.

After releasing promotion singles for curry (Single C) and ramen (Single R), we’re getting a single to promote bubble bath (Single B). We’re unsure if this is because the members were covered in dirt for their recent Shinzou ni Melody single and needed to clean up, but all we know is that this release is packed full of fun scenes of the members taking a bath.

With that in mind, most fans are probably expecting an MV full of sexy scenes. However, the MV is done in a surprisingly tasteful way.

Most of the scenes of the members taking a bath cover them up well and even add fun random scenes to add a more playful tone. From a bath full of rubber ducks to the members drinking milk after a hot bath, the visuals are playful and well done.

The song keeps the fun going with a playful tone. It’s lighthearted and has the members singing to a bright and upbeat instrumental. It’s a relaxing release that fans are sure to enjoy listening while they take a bath. Get the bath going and check out the MV below!

Bathroom Magic
Niji no Conquistador

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