Happy Kuru Kuru Explore Tokyo In “Good Morning Tokyo”

happy kuru kuru

Happy Kuru Kuru explores Tokyo in the MV for their single titled Good Morning Tokyo.

Out since March 15th, the single is a digital-only release.

Happy Kuru Kuru is back and just in time to promote their single that was released a month ago. Yes, this MV has been in the works for a while but thankfully the long wait for the MV is finally over and it was well worth it.

In this release, we get to see Happy Kuru Kuru as they roam around Tokyo at night. They get to see pixelated invaders and a lot of flashy effects as they sing along to the heavy EDM beat. It’s colorful and incredibly random, showing scenes of the members dancing with a teddy bear and dropping food in slow motion.

It’s all over the place, and unfortunately so is the song. There are parts that are catchy and have a cute EDM sound, but some sounds seem to come out of nowhere and disappear as soon as they come. It’s weird, but thankfully not all of the song is like this.

If you’re a fan of the MV make sure to grab a copy of it on iTunes or check it out on Apple Music below!

Good Morning Tokyo
Happy Kuru Kuru

happy kuru kuru good morning tokyo

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