Osaka☆Shunkashuto Dance On Stage For “Sekai ni wa Bokura Dake”

osaka shunkashuto ssfw

Osaka☆Shunkashuto dance on stage for the MV of their track titled Sekai ni wa Bokura Dake.

Out June 12th, the track is part of their 1st full album release titled SSFW.

Nothing says Osaka Shunkashuto like an MV packed full of energetic dancing and singing. Thankfully, that’s exactly what we get in Sekai ni wa Bokura Dake with a song that’s sure to get fans prepared for their 1st full album.

Visually it’s nothing too exciting since there’s only one shot. But, we do get a preview of a photo shoot in the middle of the MV to add some variety to the release. Sure, there are some spotlights and some impressive shots of the group as they dance, but it could have used some solo shots to add some spice.

Clearly, the song is the focus and thankfully it’s among the best I’ve heard from the group. Each line is packed with the full power of Maina’s voice, with some additional help from other members here and there. The instrumental adds some nice beats to the song and help get the fun sound going throughout.

Make sure to check out this MV and grab a copy of this album to show your support!

Sekai ni wa Bokura Dake

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osaka shunkashuto ssfw cover cd
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