GANG PARADE Take To The Streets Of Taiwan In The MV For “Raira”

gang parade

GANG PARADE take themselves to the streets of Taiwan in the MV for their track titled Raira.

Out May 28th, the track is part of their latest single titled GANG 2.

Have you ever lost your Watanabe? It happens to the best of us, and unfortunately it happened to GANG PARADE who take their search to Taiwan in order to find this elusive man.

Yes, the visuals on this MV are pretty eye catching since we get to enjoy a Chinese influence in this release. From the pink outfits to the shots of them singing outside of a temple, there’s plenty to enjoy in this unique video. Heck, even the song can’t escape the location and manages to combine a catchy instrumental with some accented vocals.

Will they ever find Watanabe? Time will tell, but meanwhile make sure to check below in the MV, under your sofa cushions, and in that pre-order button to grab yourself a copy of their single!


gang parade gang 2 single cover limited


gang parade gang 2 single cover regular




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