@JAM ALL STARS 2018 Show Off Their “Yume no Suna ~a theme of @JAM~” Song

at jam allstars 2018

@JAM ALL STARS 2018 show off their MV for Yume no Suna ~a theme of @JAM.

As the title says, the song is the theme song for the @JAM Expo, which will take place over August 25 – 26.

To celebrate, the team over at @JAM Expo have joined together 5 idols from some of the scene’s biggest groups, including:

  • Kumazawa Fuuka (Task have Fun)
  • Nemoto Nagi (Dempagumi.inc / Niji no Conquistador)
  • MAINA (Osaka☆Syunkashuto)
  • Maki (AyumiKurakiMaki)
  • Matsushita Reona (Maneki Kecak)

Thankfully we get to enjoy their vocals clearly in the fun song with a pretty catchy instrumental. There’s not much visually to enjoy apart from a few scenes of them in a photo shoot and recording for the song, but it’s worth a look or two or five.

Make sure to go to @JAM Expo 2018 if you’re in the area!

Yume no Suna ~a theme of @JAM~

@JAM Expo 2018