Sakidori Hasshinkyoku Compete In A Summer Festival In The MV For “Ikomiki Dai Toppa”

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Sakidori Hasshinkyoku compete in a summer festival for their Ikomiki Dai Toppa MV.

Would you like to see Sakidori Hasshinkyoku compete against some of the biggest national male idols and athletes in Japan? Well, you’re in luck because that’s exactly what we get with their latest MV for Ikomiki Dai Toppa.

In it, we get to see them go head to head in a variety of fun Japanese summer festival competitions. From throwing balls into a basket, to running a race and tug-o-war, they compete with all their might while adding in some fun details here and there.

Yes, the male idols and athletes are mostly/all impersonators but it helps give it a more lightweight feel that only an idol MV can do. Add in a random scene of them beating up a bunny at the end and you have a solid summer release.

As for the song, it’s fun and upbeat and pretty much what you can expect from Sakidori Hasshinkyoku. The vocals are light and fun with the instrumental adding in some electronic beats that make this release a true delight to enjoy.

It doesn’t seem like the song is part of any upcoming single at the moment, but it’s worth a watch and a like to help show your support for this fun group!

Ikomiki Dai Toppa
Sakidori Hasshinkyoku

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