Broken By The Scream Get Heavy In The MV For “Sayonara Birthday”


Broken By The Scream get heavy in the MV for Sayonara Birthday.

Out August 22nd, the track is part of their 1st album titled An Alien’s Portrait.

Have you guys heard of the majestic and brutal glory that is Broken By The Scream? This group of four distinguish themselves from other metal idols due to their unique use of high and low screaming vocals, making for the perfect orchestra of sounds that tickles the hearts of metal and idol fans across the world.

Well, if you haven’t you’re in for a treat since they just released the MV for Sayonara Birthday to promote the release of their 1st album and it is incredible.

In this MV, we get to see the group as they perform alongside a band wearing masks to the beat of the song. For the most part, that’s all we get to see, but there are a variety of scenes here and there with the members singing to themselves, holding shells that are crushed by a clock, and singing from the white void.

It’s confusingly artistic, but it fits in oh so well with the song that is packed to the brim with brutal low and high screams and clean vocals. Each line adds a sense of depth that mixes well with the thundering drums, screaming guitars, and the funky beats of the bass.

It’s an amazing song and one that shows how talented this group is. Make sure to grab a copy of that album to show your support!

Sayonara Birthday
Broken By The Scream

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