Sakura Ebis Do Summer Stuff In The Chill MV For “Shakunetsu to Ice Cream”

sakura ebis shakunetsu to ice cream

Sakura Ebis do summer stuff in the chill MV for their digital single titled Shakunetsu to Ice Cream.

Out now, the single is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Recochoku, and mora.

Summer is a time to relax outside and enjoy life before fall arrives. Not surprisingly, Sakura Ebis have decided to show off some fun scenes of them doing just that.

Yes, there’s not much to explain about this video. We see the group as they read manga, crack open watermelons, and just enjoy the day. All of this happens as we enjoy a rather chill song that shows off what Sakura Ebis is capable of.

There are a handful of scenes of them eating ice cream in a pool, but most of the MV is centered around making us feel like we’re enjoying summer alongside the members.

This is one of those chill MVs that doesn’t need a complex story in order to be enjoyable. That being said, make sure to check it out below!

Shakunetsu to Ice Cream
Sakura Ebis

sakura ebis shakunetsu to ice cream cover

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