Paipai Dekami Collaborates With Kikkawa You In The MV For “Saikou no Onna”

kikkawa you paipai dekami saikou onna

Paipai Dekami collaborates with Kikkawa You in the MV for Saikou no Onna.

Out now, the track is Kikkawa You’s 2nd digital single.

Kikkawa You is well known in the idol world for her talented voice and her strong, strong fondness of Hello! Project members. But, what would happen if you gave her and gravure idol/Momochi fan Paipai Dekami an opportunity to collaborate?

You’d get Saikou no Onna of course.

In this MV, we get to see Kikka and Paipai as they make their way to a stage, and that’s about it. It’s pretty tame but we do get some fun scenes of the duo as they goof off and play with a smoke machine, stroke a guitar, and more. But, it is the perfect way to enjoy the relaxed song though since we get to hear the two sing their lines without many distractions.

If you want to enjoy the song on its own, make sure to check out Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music!

Saikou no Onna
Paipai Dekami

kikkawa you paipai dekami saikou onna

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