Maneki Kecak Do Edgy Stuff In The Upbeat MV For “Ariyori no Ari”

maneki kecak

Maneki Kecak do edgy stuff in the upbeat MV for Ariyori no Ari.

The MV was released after being shown at their first Nippon Budokan performance on September 24th. The MV was made in collaboration with Super Cup MAX.

Maneki Kecak are a pretty unique group. They have a name that sounds like you’re coughing up something, and yet, they’re among the sweetest rock idol groups on the scene. Need evidence of that? Well, get ready for Ariyori no Ari.

The MV is packed full of a heavy punk-styled instrumental that combines perfectly with their upbeat vocals to make for a truly unique release. Add in visuals of them in school, singing from the streets, and more while doing edgy stuff like doing cartwheels in the halls, singing from a desk, or throwing paint on a canvas.

It’s a cute release, and one that fans as well as newcomers are sure to adore thanks to its pop punk styled instrumental. Make sure to check it out below!

Ariyori no Ari
Maneki Kecak

Check out Maneki Kecak’s releases on CDJapan below


Maneki Kecak OHP


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