Babyraids JAPAN Say A Final Goodbye In The MV For “Yoake Brand New Days”

babyraids japan

Babyraids JAPAN say a final goodbye in the MV for Yoake Brand New Days (farewell and beginning).

Alright, grab your tissues because this one is going to be a sad MV.

Kicking off with a strong acapella shot, we get to see as all the members of Babyraids JAPAN sing into a microphone with their powerful vocals. As the instrumental enters, we get to enjoy a strong rock sound that goes well with the ballad styled vocals. This alone provides the perfect backdrop to one of the most unique rock idol groups on the scene.

Visually, it’s touching. There are no special effects. There are no fancy shots of them. All we see is them crowding around a microphone stand as well as them recording in the studio. It’s sad to see the members slowly come to the realization that this is the final song they will sing together, and yet, it gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate their legacy.

Babyraids JAPAN are truly a stellar group. They had a touch of rock that combined the idol world in a truly unique way. Honestly, the best way we can celebrate is by watching their videos, enjoying their music, and reliving the memories we had when they were around.

Watch the video below and try and not cry because it’s definitely an emotional roller coaster. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Yoake Brand New Days
Babyraids JAPAN

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