Shuukan Idol – Future Hologram Edition

pour lui

In this week’s Shuukan Idol, we have a wide variety of MVs from Oyasumi Hologram, NECRONOMIDOL, ZOC, and more. Add in a few graduations from some ’46 groups and you have our 7 highlights of the week!


> Oyasumi Hologram Head To The Beach In The MV For fire

Oyasumi Hologram are getting ready for a US tour, so why not release a new digital single? Well, they’re taking us to the beach in their latest MV and the result is a rather impressive MV packed full of umbrellas and weird towers. It’s worth a look if you want to enjoy a fun and relaxing song!


NECRONOMIDOL are the best when it comes to dark MVs, and their latest one is a treat. Taking place in a normal neighborhood, we get to see the members as they do their own normal thing like dancing in the streets. Soon, they get overtaken by a sorcerer wearing robes who unleashes Cthulhu and the result is an awe-inspiring MV that is highly recommended!

> Nogizaka46’s Nishino Nanase Is Graduating

Nogizaka46 has been rising in the idol scene for some time, but all idol groups have something in common: graduations. Well, it seems like another Nogizaka46 member is making their way out of the group. More details are in the post above, we’ll miss you Nanase!

> ZOC Debut In Their Explosive MV For ZOC Jikken Shitsu

Oomori Seiko has been around for a while doing the solo thing with some great success. But, it seems like she wants to give the whole idol thing a try with an interesting new project. The result, an explosive MV packed with rock and vocals from several MISS iD finalists. It’s worth a watch, make sure to watch it!

> Perfume Get Animated Into A Futuristic World In The MV For Future Pop

What do you get when you get a limitless amount of money? You make an MV packed to the brim with CGI, animations, and generally impressive shots of a mystical world of course. It’s Perfume, you’re going to watch it anyway, so click that post above!

> E-girls Do Cute Couple Things In The MV For Perfect World

Nothing says cute couple things like E-girls spending some time with a faceless guy. It’s a weird concept for some but it’s actually well made which makes for a unique approach to the classic “E-girls dance and that’s it” formula. It’s well worth a look for those who enjoy good dancing though!

> BiSH’s Ayuni D Announces Solo Project, Releases Debut MV

File this one under the “not expecting that” category because this came out of nowhere. Ayuni D., arguably best member of BiSH in my biased opinion, is now the founder of a band project where she plays bass and writes the lyrics. The result is an MV that is oh so good. Watch it, seriously, just watch it.

Notable mentions


This week we have Toricago and their MV for Jibun de Maita no. Tane wo.

It’s been some time since I last heard from Toricago, but thankfully they released an MV for their latest song and the result is an impressive MV with a rather morbid twist at the end.

Imagine a ton of shots of the members doing normal things like sitting on the floor. Pretty simple so far, right? Well, the shots are all fast paced, meaning that we get to see one scene for a few seconds before it changes to another. At one point we see two members kiss, and then another is calling on the phone. It’s just a well made MV that matches the fast-paced rock style of the song.

But, the end. Oh my, that end. I’m sure it was not meant to be dark but you can kind of get a preview of it below in the thumbnail. Why is she holding the head? It might be a weird metaphorical thing but the fact that the MV shows off their passion suddenly get to that point is a bit jarring.

At least the song is pretty amazing. It has a slight pop punk feel to it with a fast paced rock instrumental that is seriously among the catchiest I’ve heard. The changes in scenes all combine perfectly with the instrumental, which makes for a treat.

Check out the MV for sure, it’s one of those must-watch MVs that has a slight touch of fan-service!

Jibun de Maita no. Tane wo.

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That’s it for this week, stay tuned for the next one!